Crewdle Mist Samples

Explore our collection of interactive samples. You can also access our guides, SDK reference and GitHub repository to learn more about the Crewdle Mist computing platform.

Chat Sample

Play around with a chat app sample that uses the Crewdle Mist Key-Value Database to store messages and users as well as the Crewdle Mist Object Storage to store files.

Monitoring Console Sample

Visualize the Crewdle Mist Pub/Sub in use with a monitoring console sample that displays CPU, Memory, and Disk usage. Each component is simulated as a node in the cluster transfering data through the Pub/Sub.

GPS Tracking Sample

Leverage Crewdle Mist's Pub/Sub for real-time GPS tracking across a decentralized network. This sample demonstrates how nodes within a cluster can broadcast and receive GPS location updates, facilitating dynamic location tracking with minimal latency.

Guides Samples

Access the smaller samples to learn more about the Crewdle Mist Computing Platform and its underlying services.